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Equipment: Pressure Vessel
Equipment Type: Pressure Vessel -> High-duty Boiler
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Description: The Pressure Vessel Manufacturer(PVM) under our Company can supply pressure vessels and heat exchangers made of ferrous metal stainless steel, various nonferrous metals and their clad materials. In the past years, PVM has supplied a great lot of various non-standard products with excellent quality, safe and reliable design and good services for salt making, petroleum, chemical, paper making, irrigation works and pharmacy. There are 100 employees or so in PVM , and there are Several welding experts (professor) and technicians certificated by foreign authorities such as Duisburg Weld Research Institute in Germany and Sulzer Ltd.. They compose a team of rich experiences, high quality and high technology. PVM has a complete set of mature experiences and techniques in the research, development, equipments manufacture and processing, and welding of stainless steel, titanium and its alloy, nickel and its alloy, copper and its alloy, monel and steel E2 and all their clad materials. PVM is also possessed of a complete set of test facilities for RT, UT, MT, PT and physcochemical property tests on the inspection of the pressure vessels. The working machine such as the beveling machine with the maximum beveling length of 9 meters, the curling machine of 100*4000 and 30*3000, the cutting machine 25*2500, the double girder crane of 200 tons, the natural gas heat treatment furnace of 22m*6m*6m, the 50 cantilever drilling machine, the commuter arc welding machine, the argon arc welding machine , the submerged arc welding machine, the CO2 gas shield welding machine, the semi-auto tube and tube plate sealing welding machine, the semi-auto cutting machine can meet the needs of all processes of manufacture of the pressure vessels. The annual production capacity of pressure vessels is about 10000 tons. Up till now, a lot of equipments have been supplied in sets for salt and chemical producers such as Zigong Special Salt Factory in Sichuan province, Tianhe Refined Salt Plant in Henan province, Chongqing Nitrogenous Fertilizer Factory, Baqu Alkali Industry Ltd. in Sichuan province, Yinshen Chemical Group in Sichuan province, Honghe Chemical Co., Ltd. in Sichuan province, Yanhu Salt Making Co. Ltd. in Xinjiang and Lantai Industry Co. Ltd in Inner Mongolia. In addition , a new type of flue gas desulfurizer has been jointly developed with Sichuan Lohuang Power Plant. Our products of high qualites find favour with the customers for many years.
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