Sichuan Jinglei Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Name:Sichuan Jinglei Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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Equipment: Evaporator
Equipment Type: Drying Equipment -> Hot Blast Heater
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Description: We are the leading manufacturer of clad metal products made of explosion welding in China. Based on our three divisions, Metal Clad Plate Works, Pressure Vessel Manufacturer and Metal Clad Material Research Institute, we can supply: (1)Clad Metal Plates . Stainless steel clad plates . Titanium and steel clad plates . Copper-steel clad plates . Nickel and steel clad plates . E2 steel plates clad plates . Aluminum and steel clad plates . Titanium-copper clad plates (2)Pressure Vessels . Pressure vessels for petroleum and chemical industries. . Equipents for waste water treatment and flue-gas desulfurization. . Exchangers and finned tubes. (3)ACP-III circulating pump made of metal clad plate. If interested, please send us your detailed requirements along with drawings. We would like to be your reliable supplier.
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